It’s not easy to write about oneself, however I understand it’s a requirement to let you know a little about my background but I promise to try and keep this short and relevant.

People often ask how did it start or when did I know I had a special gift.

I was a very shy and sensitive child who often could not explain or understand some of the things I saw and heard; on many occasions I would tell family and friends things that were going to happen before they occurred.

I joined the Royal Navy at 16 where I eventually became a Physical Training Instructor and travelled to many parts of the world. When I was 26 my mum passed away and it was then that my spiritual learning and confidence grew. I left the Royal Navy a few years later and began to develop my psychic abilities at a local spiritualist church.

Over the past 30 years I have helped and talked with hundreds of people through private and group readings, public demonstrations and spiritualist churches where I have been the platform speaker giving out philosophy and clairvoyance.

Bill Mennell My philosophy on life is simple:

• Love and be loved
• If you are not happy in life, try to seek changes to bring about happiness where possible
• Try and overcome negative emotions with positive thinking during life’s journey
• Follow your instinct and belief in oneself
• Our guides and loved ones in spirit watch over us

I will sum up by describing myself as an easy going, thoughtful, caring and honest person with empathy and understanding.

You will know if I or someone else is right for you.

Wishing you health, happiness and love.